Postnatal Depression: A Crosscultural Study – Phase 1


Univ.Ass. Dr. Kornelia Steinhardt 
(Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft der Universität Wien)


  • Gesamtleitung: Univ. Prof. Dr. C. Kumar (London)
  • Österreichische Leitung: Ao. Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lenz (Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie, Wien)


Background: Although postnatal depression is a common condition, with adverse effects on the child, mother and partner, there has been no research to date linking analyses of its origins and consequences with studies of service provision in different national health and social systems. Aims: The Transcultural Study of Postnatal Depression (TCS-PND) was set up to develop a set of instruments to facilitate such research. Method: Seven research instruments were piloted in studies carried out in ten centres in eight countries. A qualitative study looked at the cross-cultural equivalence of the concept of postnatal depression. Results: The results are reported in the individual papers in this supplement. Conclusions: Reliable and culturally valid measures are now available for future comparative research into postnatal depression within different health systems and countries.




Europäische Union;
Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung


Oates, M.R., Cox, J.L., Neema, P. et al.:

Postnatal depression across countries and cultures: a qualitative study.

In: British Journal of Psychiatry, 184 (suppl. 46), 2004, 10-16