Research Units

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Biography, Education and Society

We examine education, socialization and learning processes in interaction between individual biographies, institutions and societal circumstances, in order to generate implications for professional practice.

Comparative and International Education

We investigate education and schooling worldwide, with particular focus on the Global South and on the global diffusion and appropriation of educational models.

Early Childhood Education

Our research in the field of early childhood education focuses on identifying the optimal pedagogical approaches and environments that promote the holistic development of children in the early years of life - in kindergarten and within the home learning environment.


Education and Inequality

In this research unit we conduct participatory and qualitative research about inequality in various educational settings.

Educational Research and Theory

Here, the relationship between educational research and educational theory is explored by correlating empirical research projects with systematic background considerations and correlating concepts of general education with empirical educational research.

Empirical Education Research

Research isn’t fine without a good design! – We investigate empirical methods in educational research.



Foundations of Education

We examine the cultural, religious, political and economic conditions of educational thought, institutions, and practices as they have developed differently in various contexts over the past centuries and explore their role in political agendas such as nation-building and globalization.

Gender Studies

We examine how gender structures power relationships; how it creates or prevents opportunities for specific groups of people; how it is linked to the identities of individuals and groups; and which roles it plays in societal discourses (e.g. in mass media, educational contexts or academic disciplines).

History of Education

Education has and had many meanings and is a central aspect of all global cultures. Historical Education Research/History of Education tries to understand cultures of the past through this central theme.

Inclusive Education

We do research and teaching on educational processes due to the fact of human diversity and are particularly interested in disability from an intersectional and lifelong perspective (especially transitions) as well as a social-cultural phenomenon.

Media Education

We research the structure, production and reception of media in educational fields with the intention of developing critical and creative intervention methods.

Psychoanalysis and Education

The focus is on the significance of emotional and unconscious processes in educational and related fields, institutions and relationships (such as family, school, counselling, professional development or psychotherapy).