The Department of Education

Our Mission Statement.

The Department of Education is committed to internationally visible research on topics and questions regarding education. The field of education has evolved historically as a complex field of institutions, organizations and practices concerned with teaching, learning and upbringing. As such, it is also the outcome of the interplay of (at times competing) ethical, social, cultural, religious, political and economic interests, preferences and expectations that emerge and interact at local, national and global levels.

Educational research is genuinely interdisciplinary and benefits from the expertise of related academic disciplines that are integrated into educational research and theory development (e.g., psychology, history, sociology, philosophy).

Great importance is attached to the involvement and active promotion of early career researchers. Thereby, the Department sees the interaction between doctorates that are firmly rooted in academic knowledge production and those that build bridges between academic expertise and professional practice as an important asset.

The Department of Education organizes its corresponding research ambitions into three complementary profiles to which its individual members contribute to varying degrees:

Culture, Education and Institutions

Theory, Epistemology and Methodology

Ethics, Social Justice and Sustainability