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Herbsttagung der Sektion Medienpädagogik der DGfE am 19. und 20. September 2024 am Institut für Bildungswissenschaft

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Prof. Noah W. Sobe, Loyola University Chicago, IL (USA)

Wednesday, June 5th, 5 pm, Hörsaal 1

Sensengasse 3A, 1. OG


FWF-Projekt (PI: Hans Schildermans)

A University for the People. Colonial Frictions, Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Creation of the Future

(ESP 365 ESPRIT-Programm)

01.09.2023 bis 31.08.2026

Connecting School, Community and University for social change

Erasmus+. KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education. Call 2022.

FWF Projekt (Pl: Rahel More)

Ableism, the dis/ability binary and beyond: A feminist intersectional approach to theory and digital activism