Foundations of Education

The research area "Foundations of education" aims at investigating, by means of an international approach, educational languages, discourses, or systems of thought that emerge in the respective historical, cultural, and national contexts. On the one hand, it examines how these languages, discourses, or systems of thought configure themselves into particular epistemologies from which academic disciplines emerge. On the other hand, it explores how they are reflected in the materialization of school systems and curricula designed to form future loyal citizens, who in turn are expected to implement the dominant visions of the respective ideal social order.

In the future, the question of the cultural and national framing of the discourses, epistemologies, and systems of thought of educational thinking, theorizing, and acting will be central. In this frame, the international comparative aspect will target both regional particularities and global claims to power in science, theorizing, educational policy, and curricula.



07.11.2019 13:49

Recent Developments in Comparative Education: Myths, Muddles and Marvels

Wednesday, 6 November 2019, 5:15pm,

Hörsaal at UniCampus, Hof 3: HS IfOG, 2R-EG-07


Educational Research and Theory

Prof. Tröhler: New Reading List Foundations of Education

New Reading List Foundations of Education

Educational Research and Theory