Current Research Projects


PI: Daniel Tröhler

Title: Nation state, curriculum and the fabrication of national-minded citizens  

Goal: Understanding historically and comparatively how curricula are designed to create in every future citizen a more or less silent cognitive reservoir of national literacy or nationalism that can easily be retrieved and actualized in particular contexts perceived as endangering the respective nation-states.

Time frame: 2017-2021

Project student assistant: Veronika Maricic, BA

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PI: Viktoria Boretska

Title: Johnny’s teaching machine in Ivan’s classroom: Travelling technologies and cultural conceptions of education in the Soviet Union during the Cold War

Goal: Based on the case of 'global appeal' for programmed instruction technology in the 1960s, the aim is to explore the cultural translation of this 'ultimate objective teaching method', thereby revising the thesis of harmonisation in education and shedding light on national, historical, and cultural aspects of classroom scientification processes.

Time frame: 2014-2018


PI: Nicole Gotling

Title: Framing the National Mind of Students through History and Historiography: The Prussian Wars and the Historiographical Narratives of Germany, Denmark, Austria, and France, from the 1880s-1990s (PhD project)

Goal: To see the Big Picture of how historiography (the writing of history) and school subjects like history and geography were used for framing the national mind of students. A comparative trajectory view from the Long 19th Century through the 20th century.

Time frame: 2017-2021


PI: Catherina Schreiber

Title: The Liturgy of Schooling. A Historical Analysis  in Cross-National Contact and Conflict Zones

Goal of the project is to theorize schooling as a modern  (nation-state) liturgy at hand of an empirical historical analysis in several border regions. Starting point are adaptations of schooling in border regions with territorial changes after the First World War (Saar area, South Tyrol, Schleswig, Trieste/Istria…)

Time Framae: 2017-2023



PI: Jil Winandy

Title: Ideological preferences and historiographical biases – Johann Ignaz Felbiger, the„Normal method“ and histories of education

Goal: In reconstructing the path of the Silesian abbot Johann Ignaz Felbiger and his so-called “Normal method” as "conceptual personae", the project seeks to analyze – both historiographically and historically – how certain ideological preferences and the emergence of a canon of selected “heroes” in “histories of education” were able to silence other historical actors whose works possibly had an even larger purview.

Time frame: 2017-2021