Empirical Education Research

 Members of the research unit Empirical Education Research investigate research methodologies and methods in educational research and beyond, with the aim to improve the validity, depth and relevance of its outcomes. We are interested in all phases of the research process, from designing to conducting to publishing; and from goals and research questions to sampling, data collection and data analysis, to drawing conclusions. We specialize in complex empirical research, in which various methods are combined, especially qualitative and quantitative methods (mixed methods). Currently (December 2022) our interests include, but are not limited to, the following questions:

  •  How can we incorporate the emergent character of mixed methods research into mixed methods research design?
  • How can we better understand and describe the relationships between methods and theory in social science research?
  • How can we take the material and historical aspects of "facts" into account in developing new methods?
  • What effect does the scientific publishing process have on what articles get published and how they get published?
  • How can be combine qualitative and quantitative methods in social network analysis?
  • How can we develop methods that can be used by practitioners in investigating their own practice?