Elif Gül, BA MSc

Pronomen: she/her

Department of Education

Room 02.07

Sensengasse 3a 

A-1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 4277 46718

Mail: elif.guel@univie.ac.at

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research Activities

  • Sexualities and Bodies 
  • Feminist Science and Technology Studies 
  • Birthing practices in Austria 
  • Contraceptives and femininity/Masculinity 

Elif Gül is currently holding the prae doc position in Gender Studies under supervision of Prof. Sabine Grenz at the Department of Education. In 2016 she completed her bachelors in Cultural- and Socialanthropology at the University of Vienna and continued to study her masters in Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her master thesis is a discussion of the adverse effects of modern birth control methods for its users and the legitimizing arguments of these from a social science perspective. 

After her masters Elif Gül worked at the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology as a scientific manager in the Gender and Diversity department. 

Currently she is finishing her second masters in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna and is writing her thesis about the construction of masculinity in regards to the production of birth control methods for male bodies. 

Besides working at the University of Vienna, Elif is a sex ed teacher and works for various Austrian NGOs with children, young adults, adults, parents, teachers, and asylum seekers. Furthermore, she works in gender consulting with Dr. Marita Haas to work on gender equality within organizations. 

Elif is in part of the management board of the Plattform Sexuelle Bildung and the Austrian Society for Sexologies. 


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Publications (non academic): 

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Co-Sponsor of the 15th Feminist Theory Workshop at Duke University  16th-18th March 2022

What is Sex? Porn Film Festival Vienna 02.10.2020, https://www.pornfilmfestivalvienna.at/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/pffv_booklet_2020.pdf

Closing the Orgasm Gap. Sorority 20.01.2020, https://sorority.at/closing-the-orgasm-gap-mit-elif-guel/