Coordinator:  Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Swertz 

Team: Mag.a Eva Frick [Outdated link], Dipl. Päd. Ursula Mutsch [Outdated link], Anna Schütz  

Principal: Austrian Federal Ministry for Health, Family and Youth 

Duration: 2006  


Within the survey of the "youth radar" quantitive data of Austrian teenagers was collected. The main goal was to give an impression of the use of media like TV, computers, games, music and so on. The Vienna Media Education deals with a secondary data analysis. Within the complete database, a individual cases were isolated and qualitative evaluated. The outcomes were compared with data of other Austrian surveys.



Swertz, Christian; Frick, Eva (2009): Digital Games in Austrian Youth Culture. An analysis of quantitative Data with qualitative methods. In: Proceedings of the Hawaii international conference on education. University of Louisville, Pepperdine University, California State University: Honolulu, p. 3625 – 3626.