E-Learning Strategy Changes

Coordinator: Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Swertz, Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Hrachovec 

Team: Mag.a Sabine Führer, Mag.a Sabine Trost, Nadja Gasser, Daniel Kuby 

Principal: University of Vienna 

Duration: 2006 - 2007-12 

Homepage: Innovation.Philo [Outdated link]



The project "E-Learning Strategy Changes"  has been carried out  at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Vienna. Within the project the possibilites of the use of eTools in lectures are expounded. The aim of this project is to improve the quality of eLearning in the Faculty. To ensure the quality of eLearning within this project meetings with the teacher of the faculty where helt and support was provided when needed. A list of the used eTools can be found at the homepage below.


E-Learning: Workshop for lectures