Sign Language Group at University of Vienna

Research on/with Sign Languages started at University of Vienna at the Department of Linguistics in the 1990s.

Ever since then, Verena Krausneker has continuously lead research projects and a number of BA, MA and PhD theses have been produced in various disciplines and fields.

We have finally organised ourselves as a 'Sign Language Group', since there is currently (as of 2022) neither a department nor a chair or any other institutional anchor for Sign Language Research/Deaf Studies and no degree in the field (see Krausneker on the 'Semesterfrage 2020', in German).

Currently, three Sign Language relevant PhDs are in the making: Barbara Hager in the Department of Education, Clara Kutsch in the Department of Linguistics, and Lisa Bierbaumer in the Department of English and American Studies).


We have created some resources:

 Sign Language Research Map

• Bibliography of Austrian Sign Language Research

• Projekt ÖGS-Texte


2017-2023: Development of a school curriculum for ÖGS (Austrian Sign Language), grade 1 - 12. Verena Krausneker in cooperation with PLIG, commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.


Sign Language relevant research projects by verena Krausneker (completed) with affiliation University of Vienna:

• The Best Practice Protocol on the Use of Sign Language Avatars

• Strategic Partnership De-Sign Bilingual.

Deaf Austrians and National Socialism.

• Sprache Macht Wissen. The Status of ÖGS in Austrian Education.


Stay up to date!

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