Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy
The Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy (NordSTEP)  is a peer-reviewed, open access journal covering the relationships between educational policy, practice and research in different temporal and spatial configurations. NordSTEP welcomes theoretically rigorous papers that discuss and contribute to educational policy research. The journal calls for papers that analyse politics, policy making, the intersection of policies and practices, and the political nature of everyday encounters in formal and informal education from early childhood education to higher education and continuous learning. The journal publishes both theoretical and empirical papers across the spectrum. Articles published in the journal are not limited to the Nordic educational space, but should relate to, elaborate on, or be of relevance to the Nordic region and Nordic scholarship.

Asiascape: Digital Asia
Asiascape: Digital Asia explores the political, social, and cultural impact of digital media in Asia through both critical, theoretically-minded research and innovative digital methods. Bringing together inter- and multi-disciplinary research in the area studies, arts, communication and media studies, information and computer sciences, and social sciences, this peer-reviewed journal examines the role that information, communication, and digital technologies play in Asian societies, as well as in intra-regional and transnational dynamics.

Komparatistische Bibliothek / Comparative Studies Series / Bibliothèque d'Études Comparatives
Since its founding in 1992, Comparative Studies Series publishes interdisciplinary monographs and collected volumes on Pedagogy. Topics include among others the relation of identity, education and citizenship, methodological approaches to Pedagogy or didactical reflections on post-colonial state formation. The volumes of the series are published in English, German and French.