Gender and Postsecularity.


Tensions and transformations in knowledge production and popular culture


26–27 Nov. 2021

For several decades now there has been a vivid feminist debate about religion and secularism, especially on related issues concerning agency and in_visibilities as well as the dominance of Christian or Western assumptions in secularism. The term postsecular turn was coined for this development within feminist debates.

The conference aims to depict the co-constructedness and historicity of religion and secularity as well as to shed light on what has been neglected and rendered in_visible in current discourses. It further develops options to discuss in_visibility of religion in everyday life and emphasise non-/markedness as determining factor for our relationship towards religions and secularism.

Jointly organized with Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Gender Research Office, the Research Platform Gender: Ambivalent In_visibilities & the Department of Education at the University of Vienna with the research network "Transforming values. Gender, secularities and religiosities across the globe".


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