Information about the Program

The study of education at the University of Vienna is offered at all degree levels (Bachelor, Master, and PhD). Additionally, the department is responsible for the educational aspects of the various teacher education subject specialities.

If you are interested in studying at the Department of Education, you can find more information on the StudentPoint webpages.
For general questions about university studies (B.A., M.A., Diploma), please contact the Student Advisory Service for education. For formal inquiries, you may contact the Student Affairs Office for Education.

If you are already a registered student in education, you can find information about the programme and examinations on the webpages of the Directors of the Degree Programmes (SPL) for

Bachelor's Degree Programme Education with its Complementary Study Programme
Master's Degree Programme Education
Doctoral Programme (PhD)


FAQ: I am already studying, but for compelling reasons (entry restrictions, risk groups, etc.) I cannot be there. How can I still take courses and exams? Who can I contact with specific questions about curriculum planning?

Due to the special situation (distance regulations), the range of courses is composed of digital courses and on-site elements. You can find more information on the individual courses at u: find. The exams scheduled for September and October will take place online. The form in which the exams will take place from November is currently not known. If you cannot physically attend the courses that are inherent in the exam, you will be asked to contact the lecturer before the first unit to clarify whether participation in the course is possible and, if so, under what conditions. If you belong to a risk group, you are asked to contact the team barrier-free: