For Instructors

If you have been hired to teach for the department, please turn to the following people for questions and information:

B.A. and M.A. Programmes:
General information:  Ms. Hildegard Widl
Room reservations: Ms. Hildegard Widl
Examination dates: Ms. Hildegard Widl

General information material (as PDFs):

Handbook for Instructors regarding student rights (in german).
Information for Instructors on the webpage of the Studienpräses (in german).
Information regarding keys for and equipment of seminar rooms (in german).
Instructions for using AV equipment (in german).
General Information for Instructors (in german).

If you need materials to prepare your classes, including equipment in your seminar room, please contact Ms. Beatrix Palka.

Please contact Ms. Magdalena Mikl for technical matters.