For Beginners


The Beginning of Studies


In order to start studying at the University of Vienna, you first must be admitted as a student. You will take this formal step into the student life after the first online registration at the admissions office. You will find all the necessary information and deadlines on the pages of Student Point. Next you should activate your u:net account. With the user ID and the password that you receive there, you can use all services of the University of Vienna. Important information will be sent to your new u:net mail, so you should check it regularly via webmail.



The start of the semester


Registration takes place before the courses begin. You can find out which courses are offered and when via the course catalog. In order to figure out which courses you have to attend, study the curricula of your degree program (Bachelor, Master of Education, Master of Islamic Religious Education, Teacher Training, Doctorate). You can register for the courses via u:space or directly via the respective link in the course catalog. Registration deadlines will be announced on the News page of the respective StudiesServiceStation (SSS Education). At the end of the registration phase, last minute attendance lists and, if modules are overcrowded, additional course offerings will be posted if possible. If you have received confirmation for a seat in a course, you must be present on time in the first course unit in order to keep it. If you are on a waiting list, you can also participate in the first course unit and you will be moved to the list of participants if there are any vacancies.





Study guidance:

A student advisory service is offered for the BA / MA studies in Education as well as for the diploma program.



The StudiesServiceStation supports the study program management (SPL). There you will find the right contact person for all questions about studying. In addition to the curricula and module overviews, the web page of the StudiesServiceStation Education also offers useful information about the order of studies.


All necessary forms can be found on the pages of the study program management under the respective degree programs. In our case for Bachelor, Master of Educational Science, and Doctorate (new).


Examination dates:
The dates for course examinations will be announced in the course catalog. You can register for an exam via u:space.

You can find information about the registration procedures and the announcement of the dates for committee examinations (such as diploma and master exams) on the homepage of the SSS Education.


Examination results:
You can check your scores via u:space. If the wait for a result is longer than expected, first contact the lecturer or their tutor. If they cannot be reached, check if they are on the staff list of the department and ask the respective secretariat for help. When it comes to external lecturers, Ms. Andrea Fennes (BIWI) will help you.



Student Representation


On the webpages of the student representation you will find further useful information about studying, but also information and discussion events, social events, and round tables. Since several different courses of study are offered at the Department of Education, there are also several different student representation organizations.


The representation of students of education at all levels is currently provided by the IG Bildungswissenschaft. They see themselves as a grassroots group, which means that they expressly invite students to participate. They can also be found on Facebook. In addition to the pages of the IG, there is the Pedagogy Forum, where you are invited to compare notes.


The web pages of the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) are very extensive, especially the ÖH of the University of Vienna. The site offers a wide range of university policy and study information on assistance from the areas of housing, work, and social affairs to the latest news and advisory offices.