Guest, Summerterm 2016

Linda Flynn-Wilson, Ph.D.

University of New Orleans




Educational Background:
Bachelors in Science, Murray State University, 1972
Masters in Education, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1976
Ph.D., Special Education with an area of emphasis in Early Childhood Special Education,
University of Illinois, 1990

Dr. Flynn serves as an administrator in the Department of Special Education and Habilitative Services in the role of Chair. In addition, she is the Coordinator of the Early Intervention Program (children from birth-to-five years old and their families). She has directed several federal and state projects on the topics of inclusive education, cross-cultural competence, teaming and collaboration, program development, and personnel preparation for doctoral and master's programs. Dr. Flynn has past experience as a teacher in the preschool classroom as well as working with infants and toddlers in homes and community-based programs. Her line of research is concerns, priorities, and resources of families who have young children with disabilities. 

Guest, Winterterm 2015/16

Dr. Ilektra Spandagou

Senior Lecturer for Inclusive Education at The University of Sydney

Biographical details

Ilektra worked as a special teacher and completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield, UK in the area of inclusive education. She worked as a researcher at the University of Sheffield, UK, and as a lecturer at the University of Athens and the University of Thessaly, Greece before moving to the University of Sydney. Her research interests include disability, classroom diversity, and curriculum differentiation. - See more at: