Current Research Projects

The Department of Education is involved in research in a variety of forms, including projects financed by external organizations, innovative research focuses for disseratation and habilitation theses, tutorial research, etc. Here you will find more information for some of our externally-funded projects:

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How publication processes influence results

Schadler, C.


Project: Research funding

LGBTQ Activism and Mental Health in the Post-Yugoslav Space

Grenz, S. & Bilic, B.


Project: Research funding

English Language Learning & Neurodiversity

Proyer, M., Hüttner, J., Schlick, M., Gotling, N. & Petritsch, M.


Project: Educational funding

ITIRE: Improving teaching to improving refugee education

Proyer, M., Subasi Singh, S., Möhlen, L. & Pellech, C.


Project: Educational funding

INKIGA: Inklusion in niederösterreichischen Landeskindergärten

Biewer, G., Kreuter, L., Husny, M., Möhlen, L. & Steigmann, F.


Project: Research funding

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 45