Professionalization in Teacher Education

Professionalization in teacher education is a research and teaching focus at the Department of Education. In the context of the present challenges of teacher education at the national and European level, the FELP (Forschung und Entwicklung in der LehrerInnenbildung und Professionalisierung or Research and Development in Teacher Education and Professionalization) research unit first of all aims to develop theoretically and empirically sound concepts for professionalization in teacher education.


This is done in cooperation with the research units in the department Teaching and Learning in School Contexts (School Pedagogics and Islamic Religious Education), but also with the other departments. Questions of heterogeneity and lifelong learning play a special role in this context.


In the spring of 2012, the Department for Education also founded the "Werkstatt PädagogInnenbildung NEU" or “workshop for the education of educationists NEW”, which aims to consistently develop interdisciplinary concepts of professionalization with experts and specialists who represent the offered subjects at the University of Vienna. Essentially, the focus is on the professionalization process as a continuum, and theory, empiricism, and practice should be adequately linked with regard to the various occupational spheres of activity.