Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sabine Grenz (Priv.-Doz.)

Ass.-Prof. for interdisciplinary Gender Studies


(updated on March 21, 2021)

Since 2020 Sabine Grenz is Ass.-Prof. for Gender Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy and Education as well as the Faculty of Social Sciences. Additionally, Sabine Grenz is Assoc. Prof. (Priv.-Doz.) for Gender Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. From 2017-2020, she was Univ.-Prof. for Gender Studies at the University of Vienna. From 2015-17, she was Acting Prof. for Diversity Research at the University of Göttingen (2015-17).

Office hours:
Due to Covid-19 all office hours are held via telephone or video conference. For appointments, please, contact Patricia Stuhr (

Note for students: 

If you are interested in MA examination, Prof. Grenz expects prior knowledge of gender studies and recommends attending courses from Prof. Grenz. 

Students, interested in scientific/academic internships are always welcome. Please, contact Patricia Stuhr ( for further inquiries and an appointment.


Department of Education
Sensengasse 3a
2nd floor, room 02.08
A-1090 Wien

phone: +43 1 4277 46715
mobile: +43 664 60277 46715



Consultation hours:
to be arranged in advance through Patricia Stuhr (secretary) via E-Mail:
There are no consultation hours during lecture-free.

Courses taught at the University of Vienna

Publications, activities: u:cris

Teaching co-operations at the University of Vienna

This interdisciplinary professorship is assigned to the following three faculties: Faculty for Social Sciences, Philosophy and Education, Philological and Cultural Studies

Research interests

  • Qualitative empirical methodology (especially discourse analysis)
  • Gender methodology and epistemology
  • Gender, diversity and intersectionalit
  • Gender, secularism and religion
  • Gender and sexuality/sexualities (especially in connection with commercial sexuality)
  • Historical perspectives on gender constructions
  • Institutionalisation and history of Gender Studies

Current academic positions

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Recent Publications

Benthaus-Apel, Friederike/Grenz, Sabine/Bücker, Nicola/Eufinger, Veronika/ Schöll, Albrecht, 2017, Wechselwirkungen: Geschlecht, Religiosität und Lebenssinn. Qualitative und quantitative Analysen anhand von lebensgeschichtlichen Interviews und Umfragen, Münster: Waxmann

Publications (pdf)

Completed PhD dissertations

  • Gayani Mitra, "Risks and disruptions during commercial surrogacy in India", University of Göttingen (second supervisor)
  • Ráhel K. Turai, "Shifting Gender in Desire. Narratives of bisexually changing attraction, practice, and subjectivity in present-day Hungary", CEU Budapest (3-month research stay, Humboldt University Berlin)

Ongoing PhD dissertations

  • Dominique Bauer:"Time to Step it Up for Gender Equality": Geschlechter*verhältnisse in der islambezogenen Lehre an Universitäten im deutschsprachigen Raum.
  • Boka En, "Means for changing the world: Queer feminist activists, academics, and knowing/ acting”, co-supervision with Ulrike Felt, University of Vienna
  • Kris Vera Hartmann, "Zwischen Emanzipation und Optimierung. Hormonelle Verhütung im Spannungsfeld von Wissen, Körper und Geschlecht", University of Göttingen (second supervisor)
  • Jana Lou Herbst, Aus Fehlern (ver)lernen: "Das (Un)Mögliche – diversitätsorientierte und diskriminierungssensible Organisationspraxis. Eine Analyse und Vergleich von zwei Organisationen"
  • Neda Hodaei, "Beyond the Veiled Women: An Exploration of Embodiment During Labour and Birth Amongst Middle Eastern Women in German Context", Humboldt University Berlin (first supervisor)
  • Ksenia Meshkova, "Intimate Partner Violence in Modern Russia", Humboldt University Berlin (first supervisor)
  • Eva Schwarz, "Gaps in der klassischen Musiklandschaft – Werdegänge von Orchestermusiker_innen in Österreich aus intersektionaler Perspektive", co-supervision with Doris Ingrisch, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna