Dr. Renate Baumgartner

Department of Education
Gender Studies
Sensengasse 3a
2nd floor, room 02.07
A-1090 Vienna

email: renate.baumgartner@univie.ac.at
phone: +43 1 4277 46716

meetings: upon request

Curriculum Vitae

Renate Baumgartner is a senior research fellow at the Universtity of Vienna/Department of Education. Her main research focus is on the lives of bisexual/plurisexual people in Austria. Topics of her research include sexual identities/desires, intimate relationships and social networks.

She has a degree in pharmacy and a PhD in natural sciences of the University of Vienna. After that she was a project manager in pharmaceutical research and clinical development of medical devices.
Her publication record lies in the following disciplines and topics: in social sciences about bisexualities and non-monogamous relationship forms, in life science about natural products used against type 2 diabetes, in medicine in the areas of ophthalmology, orthopaedics and esthetical dermatology.
She took part in many conferences including the following: https://nmciconference.wordpress.com/programme/

Renate Baumgartner thought at the University of Vienna (2007-2010) and at the Medical University of Vienna (2016/2017: https://www.meduniwien.ac.at/web/studierende/service-center/zusaetzliches-kurs-und-aktivitaetsprogramm/gender-diversity/vergangene-vorlesungen/).
She was invited to the following events as expert in bisexuality and polyamory research: https://www.studyinmanchester.com/events/bisexual-pansexual-omnisexual-a-european-workshop-on-fluid-and-non-binary-identities-p369981

Current Publications:

Social sciences (peer-reviewed)

Baumgartner R. (2017): "I think that I’m not a relationship person": Bisexual women’s accounts of (internalised) binegativity in non-monogamous relationship narratives. Psychology of Sexualities Review, Winter, 8(2), 25-40.

Sozialwissenschaften   (non peer-reviewed)

Baumgartner R. (2016): Awakening of the bi*movement. Fiber, Werkstoff Für Feminismus Und Popkultur, 25, 29–31. Reprinted in (2016/2017). Centaurus Magazine

Baumgartner R. (2018): Visible Lesbians- Invisible Bisexuals? Bisexual Women Quarterly, 36(3), 22.

Baumgartner R. (2018): Imagining Bisexual Futures… . Bisexual Women Quarterly, 36(1), 18-19.

Baumgartner R. (2017): Bisexual women and trauma: Findings from “The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey”. Bisexual Women Quarterly, 35(3), 18-19.



  • Sexualities and gender
  • Sexual minorities, specifically people with non-monosexual/plurisexual/bisexual/pansexual identities and experiences
  • marginalized) relationships
  • Identities/desires
  • Discrimination
  • Social networks
  • Family sociology
  • Narrative methods in social sciences
  • Intersectionality