How to teach a framework for thinking? - Dissecting philosophy education in France

Zeit: 27. 6. 2022 18:30 bis 20:00, Zoom-Link wird verschickt bei Anmeldung an

Vortrag von Dr. Takashi Sakamoto (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)

Vortragsreihe: Pädagogik – Zwischen ihrem Zentrum und ihren Rändern Organisiert von der Arbeitseinheit für Bildungstheorie und Bildungsforschung

In this presentation, I would like to discuss what this "framework of thought" is and what its objective is, while referring to the pedagogical content of philosophy in French high schools. What is this education about? It is not to train students as philosophers, but to educate "citizens" who can think and express themselves in democratic society, through philosophy, which is a model of logical and complicated reasoning.