MA Research Practicum for Winter Term 2018


Are you a MA student of Education with great English skills, excited and ready to be a contributing part of an ongoing dissertation project?

I am looking for your active contribution and your support for my dissertation project. Located within Foundations of Education, my project addresses current education policy, specifically accountability school reform in the USA. This Winter Term, I will focus on how lived experiences of those addressed by such reforms can inform other data material and ultimately, contribute to the ongoing discussions of the future of accountability school reform.


The practicum consists of 105 hours that we distribute in coordination. I’d invite you to contribute some of the following depending on your skillset:

+ participate in interview analyses of my lived experience interviews,

+ read already selected literature for specific argument,

+ create visualizations of various data and timelines,

+ proof-read my transcriptions,

+ help integrate my secondary data with my qualitative material, etc.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact me directly:

Mag. Christine Salmen                                                                                                        Department of Education

University Assistant / PhD candidate                                                                              Education Research and Theory                                                                                                            Sensengasse 3a, room 5.12