E. G. Creamer

University of Vienna, May 29, 2017, 14:00-17:00

Innovative Approaches to Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Data in a Mixed Methods Study

2nd floor, MML

Fully integrated mixed method studies maximize the potential for meaningful exchange between multiple sources of data to generate a more comprehensive picture of a social phenomenon. This interactive workshop introduces ways to build a mixed method way of thinking into the design of a study through the way a purpose statement and research questions are structured, the sampling procedure is established, analysis is conducted, and unexpected results are explored. Led by a professor who has been teaching graduate level courses in mixed methods research since the mid 1990s, this workshop is targeted to an audience of early career researchers with little or no prior knowledge of mixed methods research practice. Each participant will have the opportunity to write and refine a purpose statement and research questions for a mixed method study.

Learning objectives for the course are to:

  1. Distinguish between multi-method, mixed methods, and fully integrated mixed method research.
  2. Identify the major rationales for using a mixed method approach.
  3. Identify the types of purpose statements and research questions that are well suited to a fully integrated mixed method approach.
  4. Provide examples of innovative ways to integrate qualitative and quantitative data through all phases of the research process.


Elizabeth G. Creamer is professor of Educational Research in the School of Education and an affiliate faculty member in Engineering Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the U.S. She received a BA in English at Northwestern University, a masters in English and Reading Instruction at Colorado State University, and a doctorate from Virginia Tech. An interest in women’s recruitment and success in science and engineering spans Creamer’s career and is reflected in her on-going engagement as an external evaluator on funded projects at multiple universities. She has taught graduate level research methods courses in qualitative and mixed method research, including in an on-line format, since the mid 1990s. She is the author of the recently released textbook, An Introduction to Fully Integrated Mixed Methods Research, which foregrounds strategies for integrating qualitative and quantitative data and analytical procedures throughout all phases of the research process. She is co-editor of an up-coming volume, Methodological Innovation in Mixed Methods Research. Creamer holds the position of secretary of the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA). Creamer maintains a blog, Mixed Methods Research in the News, which offers a playful looked at how mixed method mindset fuels much of scientific research today.